Pair screen doesn't even appear

Hi there. Going mad now lol. I have a spin bike and have been told to get the avatar up and going I need speed sensors . I have bought a cadence sensor, no joy , now bought a sensor that does speed too and says it works with zwift, I wait for a race to start and nothing happens. Do I pair it to my device or app ? If f so the pairing page does not appear either way. I’m trying to connect device by moving it in circular motions its not on my spin as yet but my device is picking it up . Just want a ride along, lol thanks for any advice

Good morning Emma, welcome to the zwift forum.

What device are you using for zwift? If it is a phone or tablet look for the Zwift app not the companion app. there are two in the store.

check if your trainer is in the supported hardware.

Spin bikes are mostly not supported, what bike do you have.