Installed Zwift in Macbook Pro, Sensor Detected and Trainer Selected but NOT MOVING!

(John Cruz [weTri]) #1



Zwift installed to a macbook pro. Garmin Cadense and Speed Sensor Easily Detected. Pick a Trainer. The RPM is responding but my AVATAR is  not moving.

Hope you can help.

(Matt Canna) #2

is your speed sensor paired?


you need to pair both the speed and cadence

rpm is crank rotations per second

mph is wheel rotations

so in the pairing mode, make sure you have the speed sensor paired. when you pick your power source.

(malcolm may (WCC) C) #3

I am on a lemond revolution. Its frame in / no rear wheel. The bontrager sensor is not being picked up, and the gsc10 garmin is. Unfortunately. 

(Matt Canna) #4

After doing some digging, the lemond is pain but it can be done.  see below.