Not moving

I just installed Zwift paired with Garmin Cadence GSC 10 and I’m not moving.

The RPMS shows that I have been pedaling, I also bought the ANT sensor and usb cable from Zwift.

The trainer I have is Elite Fluid, but according here that I should look up Elite Fluid Gray Roller.

UnPair and re-pair it so many times and it just do not work.  I have changed battery in my cadence sensor.

What could be wrong?

For starters, if you don’t have one, you’ll need a USB extension cable.

The cable looks like this and you can find it also on Amazon.

The ANT+ dongle should be right under your Garmin sensors. 


Thanks for the reply, That’s the one I bought.

Are you actually pairing your devices to Zwift on your PC or Mac? 

Yes, On my PC I log in and you search for your devices and pair it.  In my situation I only pair the cadence/ speed sensor and classic trainer and on the bottom is the cadence and speed.

Is there other way to pair it?


Can you send a picture of your pairing screen? 

Here you go

Which brand and model trainer do you have? If you don’t have rollers, you should not select that trainer. 

Elite Fluid Qubo, as per here I should select Elite Fluid Gray Roller.

OK. I understand. Do you have magnet on your rear wheel so that Zwift can read your speed? 

Yes, magnet in rear wheel.

The RPM is reading, so I know that the cadence/speed sensor is working, it’s just I am not moving.

Do you have a Garmin head unit that can read both cadence and speed from your sensors? 

I have the Garmin Edge 510, but I was told here I do not need it. So i do not plug it in.

Plug in the Garmin 510 and confirm that you can read both the cadence and speed. That will confirm that your sensors are working properly. 

It’s plugged in and all working cadence and speed.


Can you send me a video of you pairing your devices on Zwift including the location of your ANT+ dongle? 

Then we should finally solve this problem. 


Solved It! I re-align the magnets and it’s all working now.

Thank you for the help!


Excellent! Enjoy! 


Bought ant+ cable from Zwift, have all loaded correctly as reading cadence, but on the screen my bike parked on the side of the road, whilst others flying past.  Resistance on pedals changing according to the chosen programme & route, but on the screen my bike doesn’t move.  Comment says “trial expired” but I am a paid member with deductions monthly.  Urgent reply required to

Thank you


have the same problem  - stripped it down  - built it up again  - so just deleting the app