What do I need to Zwift?

  • The platform you are Zwifting on - PC

  • The operating system Windows 8

  • The version of Zwift you are using - I installed it last week from the website

  • If necessary, the version of the Companion App you are using - this can be found by going to ‘Settings’ -> ‘About’ in the app. N.A

  • Your location, if the issue could be related to your internet connection. USA

  • What trainer you’re using, including how it is connected to your system (Bluetooth or ANT+). - I am on a spin bike, with ANT+ stick
    Other, that I have - smartphone with zwift app, HR monitor if necessary can order asap the garmin one, Wahoo cadence and speed sensors I can order them also asap, Vector 2S pedals and garmin pod sensor, Forerunner 910xt watch, Garmin Express with the watch connected.

    When I connect it pairs with garmin “letter, number letter number” on power meter and cadence, but my avatar doesnt move in 7 day ttrial mode , but used to have paid Zwift years ago

Hi @Carin_Bakulski welcome to Zwift forums.

VERY IMPORTANT: make sure you’re logged in to Zwift on one computer at a time. If you have both the laptop and smartphone logged in at the same time, you’ll have this symptom. Power off whichever one you’re not using for troubleshooting purposes.

What brand / model spin bike, please? Does it broadcast power or speed data via an OPEN protocol of Bluetooth or ANT+ FE-C? If it does not - the spin bike’s native data probably can’t be used to pair to Zwift. More details would be useful here to help you.

As far as spending money to buy an add-on speed sensor - I would suggest you don’t. Wahoo/Garmin speed sensors are meant to attach to the hub of an outdoor bike. they will not work with spin bikes.

The cadence sensor will probably work if it’s the type that attaches to the crank and does not require a magnet to trigger the sensor. Is it critical you have a cadence sensor? Not as high a priority as the speed or power sensor.

The pedal-based power meter might work, though. The Garmin Vector 2s broadcasts in ANT+ only. You say you have an ANT+ stick? Please clarify - that plugs in to your Windows laptop? Or does it plug in to your spin bike? If it plugs in to your laptop, it should work with the Vector 2s.

You may also want to read through the What Do I Need to Ride section of our support hub.

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ANT+ stick that plugs into Windows laptop. I know wahoo cadence and speed sensors do work on spin bikes, if you can attach them with a plastic fastening loop to the space of the hub – see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xyUPrT5rvT8 at 0:37 seconds . I have a Sunny Health bike, which is in the video above. When I try and log in, it works, but my avatar doesnt move. I used to use Zwift with this bike with no problem with the same setup, but I’m willing to purchase what I need. Will a heart rate monitor do it?

Zwift needs data from a speed sensor at minimum to work. A heart rate monitor is not going to move your avatar.

I stand corrected on the Wahoo speed sensor for this particular exercise bike. Your video illustrates a (sketchy, cobbled-together) way to skin this cat. I personally think the way the speed sensor it attached to that hub is very unreliable - from that camera angle, it looks like there’s very little clearance between the sensor the the non-moving frame of the bike. So the bike mechanic in me can’t recommend you do this.

Power meter data from a pedal-based power meter would be better, but 1) power meters are more expensive than speed sensors and 2) power meter pedals should be used with cleated cycling shoes, which adds a little more cost to the package. Are you ok with this?

Thanks for confirming the ANT+ dongle plugs in to your laptop. That will give you the ability to use the ANT+ only Garmin pedal-based power meter.

in which my power meter / vector 2S is broken, what should I use?

With Sigma Comp Part Ant + Speed Transmitter , or Garmin speed sensor


Having seen how the person in the video rigged up a speed sensor to that hub, I can’t in good conscience recommend you spend money on any brand’s Bluetooth speed sensor. It is not a promising setup in combination with this spin bike, but if you want to follow some random guy’s video on Youtube, I’m not going to stop you.

When you say that you used this bike previously on Zwift, was it with the Vector 2s pedals providing the power signal? I trust you’ve already replaced the batteries? Have you contacted Garmin about service instructions to bring them back to life?

Yes, same setup. worked. No Im just looking for a speed sensor.

The battery works. Not sure why you thought they didnt

Why do you think the speed sensor on this set up is unreliable? I put a speed sensor on my sunny spin in the same orientation and it spins around unobstructed. I attached my with rubber bands instead of a zip tie but other than that, no difference.

As noted previously, I’m concerned mainly about the frame clearance. But if it works for you, it works for you.