Zwift support is asking me to buy all kinds of different stuff , anyone with similar problems?


Zwift support is terrible !   I have a cycleops super magneto pro trainer , wahoo speed sensor and ant+  on usb cord under wheel .   I paired  them on zwift and tried to ride , my character rode for one second and thats it .  

I asked for help , the first support guy stopped responding thru email .  The second support guy told me a needed to buy a cadence sensor also and all will work.   I bought sensor and am getting ti tomorrow .

Just to check i contacted support just now and a new guy told me a needed to buy a power meter.     I asked for manager or phone number and didnt get either .

Now i am waiting on a manager thru email.   I sure hope zwift didnt make me spend 50 dollars and a cadence sensor for nothing .      

cant believe how bad support has been 

You will need a speed, cadenace sensor, hr strap, and a trainer this will get you virtual power. Least Accurate

Power meter, speed, cadenace and HR would be the next step up. Second most accurate

Smart trainer, speed, cadenace and HR. Most accurate.

All of this can be paired with an ant+ or Bluetooth dongle plugged into your computer.

In fact a power meter is the most accurate. Plus they usually have a built in cadence sensor. Some smart trainers like the Neo can be very accurate whereas some of the low end smart trainers like the Tacx Vortex have a reputation for significantly overstating the power.

So i must have a heart rate sensor also ?    

To Nigel doyle ,     I understand that, but i was told i must have a power meter for zwift to even work .    That was the 3rd support guy.    

So to get zwift to work  , not whats best , but work , i need a speed , cadence  , sensor and a heart rate monitor ?   I have a trainer and ant+ .  

So  zwift will not work with just a speed and cadence sensor , plus trainer and ant+  ?  

I am trying to get it to work to know if i will want to subscribe.    I just need it to work.

thankx guys

You don’t need a power meter to make Zwift work. The low cost way of making Zwift work is with a standard dumb trainer (that Zwift supports) with a speed and cadence sensor. Explained here:

Supported dumb trainer list here:

Your trainer is listed so all you need is a speed sensor, cadence sensor. You may also need an ANT+ stick. Depends on how you connect to Zwift. From my experience connecting by an ANT+ stick is more reliable than by Bluetooth.

You dont need a power meter or an HR strap. The min would be ant+ dongle, trainer, speed sensor, cadenance sensor. However you would be best served by getting a HR monitor as well but not needed.

been talking to zwift support for hours .   they say my ant+ connection is dropping , but it works fine on rouvy and wahoo app.      They said all i needed was the speed sensor , so i had what i needed .

   To bad one support guy told me i had to have the cadence sensor and i bought it right away on amazon ,  for 50 bucks .  

I know having the other stuff is better i just want to see if i can get zwift to work !   I am on the free trial .   I am not  sure if i want to subscribe , so having to spend an extra 50 bucks for no reason is pretty  unfair , shall see what zwift does to correct that.  

  its still not working  will try with the support guy tomorrow  , he has been great

At a minimum, you need to have a speed sensor  and  one of Zwift’s supported classic trainers. Zwift’s getting started page says you’re set there, since you’re using a CycleOps Super Magneto Pro and a Wahoo speed sensor.

Heart rate and cadence sensors are useful for training but not absolutely essential for the minimum requirements to make your avatar move forward in-game.

I didn’t notice what device you’re running Zwift on – is it on a PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, or Android device? Since you have a USB cable, it’ll be PC or Mac, but which one?

edit: I was typing while you added your last post, but I’ll leave this here anyway.

a gaming pc

Zwift uses a lot more data than Rouvy etc so it’s more sensitive to signal drops. Essential that the ANT+ stick is on an extension lead with the stick right next to the speed sensor. Although a cadence sensor is technically not required I assume if you don’t use one, your avatar won’t pedal. 

yeah thanx guys , really have no idea, maybe ill be able to call zwift on monday or something.    Kinda lost over here.   My nephew is in cyber security and he is also lost on this, he thinks its there software .   Maybe ill get a new ant+   or a new usb cable ?    Not sure .??    

I was having issues about 6 months ago… I would be working fine and then drop signal. I spent days going back and forth. What worked was following this advice

hey guys  

Got it to work !!   yay   ,  i replaced the battery in the speed sensor and also did something with the power to the usb .     Not sure which one it was , probably the battery

  Wish i did this earlier , cause i did a long ride on rouvy this morning , .  

Thanx for all the help

Hey J Ciulla, glad to hear you’ve gotten Zwift to cooperate with your devices as you intended it to! Our apologies for the less than stellar support, we definitely did not mean to confuse you or hinder you from riding. Next time you need support or help with anything Zwift please don’t hesitate to contact us, we promise to give you the smoothest experience possible! 

And a special thank you to everyone in the community for helping out with this issue as well, you all are incredibly awesome. Just stacked with great advice and info. :)