Things I need to ride Zwift with Classic Trainer?

Okay I’m new to this, please help!

I really enjoy riding but I’m not out to be a professional.  I bring my road bike in during the winter to ride.  It’s boring.  I would like to participate on Zwift without breaking the bank. 

So on my Classic trainer if I got the Garmin ANT+ Stick (ANTUSB-M) I would need a speed/cadence sensor or power meter to go with it.  Any recommendations???  I want to make sure they work together.

Thanks for the help, I can’t wait to join in!




I am also new to Zwift. It is definitely more engaging than using an indoor trainer alone.

I started by using Garmin speed and cadence sensors. These sensors were more affordable than getting a power meter. They worked just fine. Within Zwift, the speed sensor will calculate your power stats virtually. This setup will get your going.

I have found Zwift to be fun and motivating. I hope you do too!



+1 for the Garmin. Easy set up and works without a hitch for me

Thank you! I purchased the Garmin speed and cadence sensors. 

Anything else I need to know when it comes time to pair them to the Zwift app?

The Garmin sensors are super easy to install. When you log into Zwift, you will  have the option of pairing the sensors. Very straightforward process. You might need to spin the cranks to “wake up” the cadence sensor.

Do you have a heart rate monitor? Not required to use Zwift, but it would give you useful info for training. I use the Wahoo Tickr (there are others as well).

Have fun out there!


Thanks, it was really easy to pair! 

I have a heart rate on my fitbit, would that work?

Had my first real ride today…

Awesome! You are on your way! I hope you enjoyed your ride.

I am not sure if the Fitbit will pair as a heart rate monitor. When you go to the log in screen, you could try clicking on the search button (under the heart rate monitor tab) to see if Zwift detects it. 

I think that the HRM needs to be Blutooth enabled.

Ride on!