This Setup will be Okey?

Hi! I have a simple turbo trainer (no smart). So, if i buy a garmin cadence sensor with ANT+ and i put ANT+ USB in my computer, would be enought to start the game? Or i need another thing?


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If your computer meets the minimum specs it should, he is a link to the hardware needed and at the bottom of the page is computer specs;


With a Classic trainer you will need a speed sensor (I assume the garmin is a speed and cadence sensor) 

If your trainer is on this list:

Then you are good to go.

see this for more information


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Ya, but I miss read it and forgot about the speed sensor.


I would recommend not getting the Garmin since it only transmits ANT+, I would suggest a Wahoo Blue S/C, the new ones are duel band (ANT+ and BLE) making it much more versatile.