Hi all sorry for the silly question im new to this, i have a standard turbo trainer with my winter bike on it i have a garmin edge 520 with heart rate speed cadence sensors i have a laptop what else do i need to get started please and thankyou

For a PC laptop you need an ANT+ USB “dongle.” An example is the Suunto Movestick Mini. The dongle must be within a few feet of your sensors. Your mileage may vary; depending on the environment and equipment, six feet may be fine, or two feet may be fine. So after you’ve started, you might find you want a USB extension cable to get the dongle closer. The symptom is if you’re pedaling and intermittently Zwift doesn’t get the signal that you’re pedaling.

And you need to verify that your turbo trainer is one that Zwift supports. Zwift’s hardware page should cover that.