ant dongle for MAC el capitan....

(Tom Blair) #1

I’m just getting started and run a Mac with El Capitan on it…


What ant dongle do I need to use?



(Doug Shannon) #2

I’m using the Suunto Movestick Mini, seems to work okay as long as it’s near the trainer.

(Tom Blair) #3

I will be pairing this with my mac book & garmin 520… will that work?

(Y ohans) #4

The Garmin 520 is not needed for Zwift.

The ant+ dongle is necessary to feed the signal/s from your bike sensors to your Mac for Zwift. It is recommended to get a usb extension cord to get the ant+ dongle as close to the trainer and bike sensors.

The signals depend on what type of trainer setup you have and can include power from a smart (electronically controlled) trainer or power meter, cadence, heart rate and optionally speed. Speed is only necessary if you do not have a smart trainer or power meter.

(Doug Leavy) #5

I’m using the Garmin USB ANT+ Dongle


Check around on eBay as well for pricing.