El Capitan; No connection between Zwift and Ant+ dongle (edit: issue solved)

(Even Chiodera (Team Merida)) #1

It seems to me that this issue is caused by the new OSX El Capitan. Running on MacBook Pro.
Anyone experience the same problem?
Any smart fix, other than going back to older OSX?

Thanx for sharing if you have solved it.

(Marcus Smedman SZR (E)) #2

I’m running El Capitan 10.11.1 and MacBook Pro with no issues to connect using my Suunto Ant+ dongle.

(Even Chiodera (Team Merida)) #3

Thanks Marcus, for the confirmation. I realized that my Garmin Ant+ could have got a short cut after disconnecting from my PC. Got a new Garmin dongle, and the winter season with Zwift is saved.

No issues with Mr. El Capitan after all. :slight_smile: