ANT+ USB Dongle

Hi everyone,

I am a newbie in Zwift so thanks in advance for any help! I’ve read some advices about the equipment I need to start. I have a road bike, Tacx Blue Matic and this dongle:

It’s an USB2 ANT+ dongle. Will it work? The last thing I need to buy is speed sensor- I will choose Garmin Speed Sensor 2. What do you think?

It should work.

What are the specs of the device you plan on running Zwift on?

… and add a cadence sensor and a heart rate monitor. :slight_smile:

Oh, and a fan :wink:

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Macbook Air 2017.

It’s should work, have you downloaded Zwift and tried to open it?

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Yes. It works fine. App is trying to find turbo trainer, powermeter etc. I plugin this usb ant+ dongle but there is no alert in Zwift showing on that it works. Is it normal?

The only thing I need now is Garmin speed sensor, mount it on a hub and get started.

Can you post a pic of the Zwift Pairing Screen.

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Hi Bartosz,
Are you making sure to plug in ant dongle BEFORE booting up Zwift? I work primarily on Android, but I’m pretty sure that’s a key step on Mac and PC.

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I think that everything is fine- look at the ANT+ icon in Zwift.

BTW- I’ve got the question about Garmin speed sensor. I see two types: Garmin Speed Sensor version 1(older) and Garmin Speed Sensor 2. Are there any significant differences between these two?

The Garmin Speed Sensor 2 is dual band, which would make your setup more flexible.

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Thanks a lot guys for your help. Last question: do I need cadence sensor to see approx. watts and to just normally use Zwift? I want to buy Garmin speed sensor 2 as you previously recommend. Is it enough for the start?

No Zwift does not need a cadence sensor. If you have a non-smart trainer you would only need a speed sensor as Zwift uses the speed sensor and the known power curve for your specific trainer to calculate the watts in game.