Newbie need help setting up

Would like to get on zwift,I have a bike, cycleops fluid2, garmin gsc 10, macbook, and a garmin 305 watch. Can someone point me in the right direction? Do I need an ANT+ dongle?

Hi Kenneth,

Welcome to the forum,

Looking at the garmin gsc 10 sonsor it seem like it is ANT+ only so you sill need a ANT+ dongle.


Hi @Coachman welcome to Zwift forums!

We have a very useful guide to getting started on our Support Hub.

At minimum, your Garmin GSC10 will be needed to send speed data, but as Gerrie noted, that sensor transmits ANT+. So you’ll need an ANT+ dongle for the Macbook.

When you connect everything, please see our guide for setting up classic trainers and a speed sensor - a setup that estimates your power output, or what we call ZPower.

The Garmin 305 is not mentioned specifically in our Heart Rate monitor setup guide, so it may or may not pair correctly. Would you loop back and let us know either way?

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