Can you connect iOS to Garmin 810

I have a basic Elite Trainer and a Garmin 810 with the GSC10 Garmin speed/cadence sensor, can I connect this to the new iOS app? Garmin head unit has bluetooth however the app can never find the device. 

Zwift does not need a bike computer to work.

The Zwift iOS app is Bluethooth only for the moment. That being said, Garmin is Ant+ only for all of their devices to you would need to us a computer with an Ant+ dongle. 

Garmin 810 + Sensors connecting to it + Garmin connected to iPhone via Bluetooth = ZML still cannot find the sensors. Am I missing something or is the only way tot get my setup to work is to order the ANT+ dongle! I thought you could use it now with bluetooth, aka from the Garmin to the Mac computer in front of me or to the ZML app?


Jamie. Did you ever get this to work for you? 

I am trying out Zwift and had a similar problem. I have:

Garmin 810 

GSC10 speed & cadence sensor

Garmin HR monitor.

All those sensors have ANT+ connection to Garmin. THe Garmin has bluetooth so logically speaking if I connect my garmin to my iphone 6s running Zwift Mobile Link app it should see the sensors right? Or am I missing something. The only reason this would not work is if the Garmin 810 doesn’t support sending out the data to Zwift mobile app? Last night I couldn’t get it on my day 1 of the 7 day trial. 

I’m using a classic trainer to just check out Zwift and see if it’s worth the subscription before winter kicks in!

Any info appreciate.



Colin O’Sullivan,

You cannot use a Garmin 810 to bridge the signal.

You will need to use a Lightning to 30 Pin adapter and a Wahoo Ant+ Key or use a S/C and HRM that are BLE.

Another option would be an Ant+ dongle and USB extension for a PC so you can still use your Garmin S/C and HRM.

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the reply. I’ve ordered the ant+ dongle and USB extension chord as it seems the simplest way with my basic classic trainer setup. Thanks for answering my query re Garmin 810 not acting as a bridge. 

When it arrives, I’ll give Zwift another try!