Pairing pain in the ass

I have a Garmin 820 and a simple (not smart) CycleOps training, my Garmin is paired to my cadence and speed sensors but I cannot pair to Zwift?!? Any suggestions??!!??

First of all turn of the 820, it is not needed and does not work with Zwift.

Please give use a full run down of your setup, including device that is running Zwift and all sensors and type of connection you are using.

The more detail the better we can assist you.

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Thanks for your help … I am using an iPhone 12 to run Zwift, I am using 820 speed and cadence sensors, I am using a CycleOps basic trainer (not smart). I am NOT using an ANT and thought I could connect through Bluetooth, is this possible? I have a new laptop but was trying to use iPhone instead so I could easily connect to TV.

If you are using blue tooth and your sensors are connected to the Garmin, they will not be available to connect to the device running Zwift.
I think Paul will be able to explain more fully after he is aware of your set up.

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@Tim_Camden_C is correct. Bluetooth is a one-to-one connection, meaning the sensors can only connect to one device or app at a time.

An 820 is a bike computer, turn it off and see if everything will connect to Zwift.

Garmin Edge 820 Bluetooth support is limited to connecting to your phone - not the sensors (source: Garmin).

You can leave the 820 on if you want both Zwift and Garmin to independently track your ride. This should have no impact on your Zwift pairing.

What exactly do you mean by “cannot pair”? Searching for the cadence sensor, no sensors are displayed? Is there a cadence reading on the Garmin at that time?

@Curt_Cumming: Older Garmin speed and cadence sensors were ANT+ only. Your iPhone needs a Bluetooth signal.

Solution options:

  • Get dual band, ANT+ and Bluetooth, speed and cadence sensors to use with the iPhone
  • Get an ANT+ to Bluetooth bridge (NPE CABLE or 4iiii Viiiiva] to use with the iPhone and your existing speed and cadence sensors
  • Get an ANT+ dongle for your laptop and run Zwift from the laptop.

If you don’t already have a heart rate monitor, I’d suggest the Viiiiva solution.

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Thanks everyone, my cadence and speed sensors are working fine with the 820 (reading stats). My iphone/Zwift just are not reading them (i.e., doesn’t find from Bluetooth). I turned off my 820 and that did not make a difference. It sounds from Steve like I need and ANT+ adaptor; I will try to locate one during this lockdown and report back to the forum.

There are only 2 devices that can bridge ANT+ to Bluetooth and they are the 4iiii Viiiiva HRM and the NPE CABLE.

You CANNOT use any kind of ANT+ adapter for an iPhone, they are no longer support by Apple.

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