Pair velocity sensor

I cant pair the velocity and cadnece sensor.
It doesnt appear on the search screen,

What happens??

I use a garmin sensor


What device are you running Zwift on? If it is an iPad, iPhone or AppleTV they are Bluetooth only and the Garmin sensors are probably ANT+.


Hi Paul, thanks for the quick answer.
I tried with two devices separately; iphone and pc(windows).
I think that my sensors are bluetooth because I have the edge 820, right?

The Garmin Edge can receive ANT+ signals.

If you look on the sensors it should have either a Bluetooth or ANT+ icon (or both in some cases).

If they are Garmin sensors more than likely they are ANT+.

ok! I will try with a ANT+ receiver, thanks for your help!

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Zwift on the iPhone is Bluetooth only.

If you are going to use ANT+ on the computer make sure you are also using a USB extension so your can get the dongle as close to the sensors as possible.


nice! thanks again!!

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all the ANT+ adaptors are exhausted everywere :sweat_smile: jajaja
well, we will try, txs

They are available here:

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