Wont pair with my garmin edge devices

I just downloaded the beta mobile app and I’m trying to pair it with my garmin edge 510 and the speed and cadence sensor as well as my heart rate monitor. It’s just keeps searching. I’ve tried to shut off then restart bluetooth but nothing is connecting. Any ideas??


Zwift does not use the Garmin Edge 510 (or any other cycling head unit) at all.

Are your speed, cadence and heart rate monitors all Garmin as well? If so, they won’t directly communicate with Zwift on a mobile device. The mobile device apps use Bluetooth signals but Garmin sensors transmit only ANT+.

To use the mobile device, you need Bluetooth capable sensors (like Wahoo’s) or an ANT+ to Bluetooth converter, with two options there: the CABLE device, or the Viiiiva Heart Rate Monitor.