Cadence and Speed Sensor Not Pairing

I’m currently using a dumb trainer (minoura b60) along with 2 china sensors (magene 210). the sensors works well with my garmin edge 130. I’m unable to connect both at the same time with my zwift app operated from android device Huawei mate 20 pro. The app connects automatically with my HR sensor. when i try to connect both cadence and speed sensor it just disconnects the first sensor it’s connected with. Anybody else having the same issue? please help. buying a smart trainer is not an option.

p/s: both sensor works with the companion app. how weird??

@Rafiq_Zulkifli are those sensors Bluetooth and ANT+ or just Bluetooth? (Edit: never mind googled and it is both)

Edit: from a google search it looks like that is a single sensor that will provide cadence and speed. Depending on how the broadcast is set it may only send 1 data stream via Bluetooth (if that’s how you are pairing with Zwift). If that’s the case my guess is you can only sync it to one sensor type.

To my knowledge cadence isn’t required just speed (but not 100% on that as I have a smart trainer).

Hi there
I have the same problem with the garmin v2 speed and cadence sensors, zwift recognizes them but one of the two falls. I also use the polar heart rate band. The three elements by bluetooth with a samsung galaxy S7