Can't pair more than one sensor

I think I’ve seen others having a similar challenge, but no solution. I’m using Zwift on an old-school Minoura mag trainer, which means I am using sensors. I have the Wahoo speed and cadence sensors and a heart rate monitor. I’m using Zwift via a Pixel2XL phone, pairing all sensors via bluetooth and mirroring the screen to a TV via Chromecast.

The challenge is that Zwift will not read the HR strap at all, yet other apps on my phone read it without difficulty. Also, Zwift will read the cadence and speed sensors, but can only actually use data from one of them at a time. So, I have to be sure that it’s picking up the speed sensor to have a successful session.

It would be more useful if Zwift would pull data from all the sensors. Is there something I can do to successfully pair them all? Or do I need to wait for some kind of bug fix that’s on the roadmap, but not coming imminently?

Having the same issue with pixel 3 and Garmin sensors. Zwift will connect to both but will only provide data from the second one paired

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Hello Ian,
Sorry for the troubles and delay in responding. Could you please email us at with more details?
Thank you for the post, and riding Zwift Android.

Hi Tony,
Welcome to the forums, and sincere apologies for the delay in responding.
I’ve passed your info on to our QA team. If you want you can also open a ticket by emailing
Thanks for riding Zwift Android.

I have emailed support already and unfortunately the response was extremely unhelpful. It was clear from the first reply that they had not even read the content of my email and sent a copy and paste response that had nothing to do with my problem.

Follow emails only confirmed that the people responding to me either continued to not be reading my emails or knew less about the program then I do. Someone actually told me to pair my cadence sensor with my trainer rather then with the program. This makes sense other then the fact that I had already state to them I am not using a smart trainer and they named the exact Kurt kinetic trainer I’m using in the same email they suggested I pair to it in.

I’m so frustrated with dealing with what passes for tech support at zwift that I’ve lost all interest in pursuing this issue.

My Garmin ant+ only sensors work fine. The Garmin 2 with Bluetooth is a pita and the sensors seem to be fighting with each other. I may just give up on them and go back to ant+ until I figure out an alternative that works.

Sorry you have to deal with my rant but I happy to have gotten that out. Thank you for your interest in helping me resolve this issue but as I said earlier I’m done trying myself and moving on.

I’m having the same problem, have you found a solution?

Still no answer from zwift? Having similiar problem here.

Not for me. I ended up buying an inexpensive smart trainer, so I’m no longer using the two sensors.

I’ve been doing some Zwift tech support for my local cycling club and experienced the same issue with Garmin Speed sensor 2 and Cadence sensor 2 in two other households. -That is, they both pair up just fine, but not concurrently.

I’ve experienced this while running the app on an Android phone, and also on a Windows laptop.

In each case withing their respective operating systems, ie outside of Zwift, I noticed that one device would pair at a time. I don’t think this is a Zwift issue, but instead a bluetooth limitation on that particular device. There are other scenarios where there are multiple inputs Eg bluetooth keyboard, mouse and headset is a reasonable expectation.

My workaround for the windows laptop, was to use ANT+ for one sensor, and Bluetooth on the other sensor.

I wonder if the limitation is Garmin specific on the Speed/Cadence Sensor 2. Are others experiencing it with other branded sensors?


Hi Stel and all,

I am using Garmin speed and cadence sensor bought three years ago, i believe it’s generation one, it’s ANT+, I have no problem pairing these sensors with Zwift Connection app Android. Also Garmin HR strap can be detected via ANT+.

However, sometimes, during cycling workout couple of time, I was kicked out from the event eg. TOW Stage 2 Race. Not sure if it’s a glitch or network issue.

I have same issue.

  • Garmin speed sensor, and SODIAL cadence sensor. Both bluetooth
  • Running Zwift off Samsung S10 5G and mirroring on TV
  • Zwift will only pair one concurrently. If I get paired on speed sensor, then cadence won’t pair. If I pair the cadence, it will drop the speed sensor (and then I am stationery in Zwift).

So it seems its not just Garmin.

Its quite frustrating because I bought the cadence sensor to be bluetooth to work with Zwift. I had an ANT+ one which worked on the watch, but I didn’t like seeing the RPM numbers that Zwift were coming up with for me as estimates, wanted the real thing.

Any one found a solution?



I have the same problem with Bryton Speed and Cadence sensors connected via bluetooth to android app.

so the problem it’s not just with Garmin

I have the same problem, wahoo cadence and igp sport sensor. It is connected in zwift but on cadence or the speed sensor will be detected as active. Its connected but no motion detected.

Same issue here I’m afraid. To be honest I’ve had nothing but issues!!

To start, can’t use Zwift on my laptop because it’s 32 bit… No drama I’ll use my tablet, right?

Won’t work on my tablet, crashes as soon as you get to ride screen. So I’ll use my mobile… P30 pro

A d now I finally get it to run in something u can’t use 2 sensors ar the same time. CYCLEops speed and a cheapie Halford sensor that works fi e with myy Garmin… But I cannot use both at the sa
me time on Zwift. They both pair, but run one and the other drops out. Connect the other, same again. Real shame, I had such high hopes of Zwift being a useful tool. You can’t find anywhere with Smart trainers in stick due to Covid 19 :frowning:

Interestingly, I did get a smart(ish) Elite Novo Smart trainer and use Zwift now with it (on bluetooth) and my HR strap (also bluetooth) mostly without issue. It sometimes takes a while for the strap to connect, but that might be down to the strap itself. Point being, Zwift is clearly capable of multiple bluetooth connections; for me, the issue was only when trying to pair two Wahoo sensors (speed and cadence). From what I’ve read, the speed and cadence sensors both use a similar accelerometer-based system, so maybe Zwift simply has an issue reading (and discerning) very similar looking data from two different devices?

I’m having a very similar problem. I’m using a basic “dumb” mag trainer and 2 sensors (from the approved list). My device is a Pixel 3 XL. EXACTLY as other have stated, it will detect and connect to both devices simultaneously, however, data will only be collected from one sensor at a time. If you start getting data from one, you’ll stop getting it from the other. I was initially thinking it was an issue with my device being able to pair with multiple bluetooth devices at the same time, but I can eliminate that as I regularly have 2 or more non-bike related connections going on a time on any given day (I disconnected everything else to ensure TOO many devices isn’t the problem). I’ve also noticed there are other Pixel users here (as well as some Samsung) that are experiencing this issue, I wonder if there is an issue related to the Pixel. I would appreciate any help anyone may have. I’ll submit a ticket, but I see how far that has gotten others on this thread. Sadly, if Zwift can’t help me with this I obviously will have to cancel my membership as I will not pay for a product that does not work, despite how badly I want it to.