Garmin HRM strap & Cadence sensor issue

Having an issue pairing a Garmin HRM and Cadence Sensor with Zwift. Would LOVE an answer to this super frustrating issue. Thanks in advance!!

The sensors are correctly being picked up at the pairing stage when I open Zwift, but when I go into the game, HRM and CADENCE are not visible on the screen, and data is not recorded into Zwift, Strava or Garmin apps. Wahoo trainer worked fine with speed, power, etc. Very frustrating not to have HRM and CADENCE. Anyone else experienced this? Is it a bug? A setting?

  1. I have ANT+ USB dongle
  2. Use MacBook Pro
  3. Wahoo Kickr Snap trainer
  4. Garmin HRM & CADENCE sensors with new batteries

Any ideas?

get wahoo i’m tired of garmins drop outs