Garmin ANT+ dongle doesn't recognise hrm sensor

I have a laptop with W7, with the usb ant+ I’ve paired a wahoo kickr, wahoo cadance sensor and garmin hrm sensor belt to the zwift app,

in the file known_device on “document\zwift…” there are still the right sensors with serial etc defined

A few weeks ago it was all working fine, today the hrm was not found, could not find it with ant.

i checked new batteries, connection with garmin edge ok-> hrm show up.
all other equipment etc i have closed or shutdown, no garmin express running on laptop

Someoen any idea?

Hey there!

I’m sorry you’re having trouble pairing your HRM to Zwift using ANT+ signal.

I’d like you to submit a support ticket so we can help find a fix for the issue. In the meantime, it can help to make sure your version of Zwift is up to date. The current Windows version of Zwift is 1.0.37506.