New to Swift, HR monitor not found

Hi there, I’ve tried a few times to pair my Garmin heart rate monitor to my zwift account with it not showing up when I select pair devices. I changed the battery and successfully paired it to my Fenix 6 Garmin watch, then unpaired it, to make sure it is being found. Then I try right away afterwards (wearing it still) and when logged into my zwift account it isn’t coming up. I don’t believe it is paired to any other devices (and if it were, would my watch still be able to pair successfully?). Any tips would be great,

There are a lot of Garmin HRMs that only support ANT+ so it depends on which one you have and which pairing protocol you use. Which model is it? Does it have a removable transmitter? If so, pop that off and look for a Bluetooth logo on the back of it. If it doesn’t have a removable transmitter then I don’t think any of those support Bluetooth. If you’re running Zwift on a device that supports ANT+ (Mac, PC, some Android devices) then a $12 ANT+ dongle might sort it out. These days even the cheap ($30-40) HRMs support both Bluetooth and ANT+ and most of them work fine.