Garmin 2 speed/ cadence sensor not pairing to PC and zwift companion

Hi, I am having issues pairing both Garmin 2 speed and cadence sensor to zwift. I have a tacx booster “classic” trainer with dell PC and both sensor are seen in zwift but only speed provides feedback i.e. cadence is stuck on 60rpm. Additionally my garmin HRM is not detected at all by zwift. Independently I have checked hrm, speed and cadence sensor pairing with Garmin edge 1000 which works fine. Another issue is I am limited to only 390W. I.e. my 5s FTP is 390, my 20min FTP is 300W which is about right. This prevents me “sprinting” or climbing hard properly on hills.

I can still ride on zwift but the experience is severely limited because of above issues. Any ideas how to address any of the cadence, HRM pairing or wattage issues would help.

Hi @Olly_R

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I assume you pair using a ant+ dongle. Most Garmin sensors are ant+ only.

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Hi Gerrie,
Nope, the Garmin 2 speed and cadence sensor is both Bluetooth and ant+ so i don’t use a dongle. Also, why doesn’t my HRM pair via Bluetooth?


All Garmin HRMs are ANT+ only except the Garmin Dual. So unless you have the Dual (which you don’t mention) you’d need an ANT+ dongle to get HR in zwift. Or buy a Bluetooth HRM.

Hi Daniel, you’re right, I should have clarified this earlier. My Garmin is the dual which I understood could work over Bluetooth as well.
Also, I am aware that Bluetooth channels are limited but I cannot get my HRM to pair even after disconnecting from edge headunit or phone etc. The cadence sensor pairs but only gives 60-65rpm no matter what I do so is not working properly thru zwift. Thankfully the speed sensor works fine but without HRM, I believe I cannot do “official” zwift activities so would like to do races, etc
I can pair my HRM and cadence thru my headunit. So a workaround would be to run that data to prove my HR but don’t know if zwift allows this? Then finally, is there a way to get higher than 390W reading with my classic trainer? Lots of questions and any help would be appreciated.

Lots of races don’t require HR. Even if they do they only filter in Zwiftpower.

Some trainers are limited to 400w due to power curve inaccurate readings.

To my knowledge there is no Bluetooth limit on PC. Only the AppleTV has a limit of 2 Bluetooth connections.

Have you tried pairing your HRM via the Zwift Companion App on your phone instead of through the PC?

Im going to say it, Bluetooth on windows can be a pain.

I prefer to use ANT+.