Garmin Speed/Cadence sensor2 problem


I am new on Zwift and am trying to connect the Garmin Speed ​​Sensor2 and Cadence Sensor 2 with Zwift. I use the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 but it doesn’t work with Bluetooth and not with ant +. I can easily connect my Garmin Vivoactive HR with zwift via ant + but unfortunately not the other sensors. Does somebody has any idea?


On Zwift for Android only HRM are able to connect using ANT+. In future they are going to add other sensor, but it might be everyone and not all devices will have the ability.

But the sensors should be connectable via bluetooth right?

Only if you have the newer Garmin sensors that has ANT+ and Bluetooth.

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Yes, I have the new ones. The bluetooth smybol is on the sensors, but i cannot connect them to swift with my Galaxy Tab S4.

Make sure that they are not connect to any other device (including your phone) or app before starting Zwift.

I have noticed that, but still do not connect.

Is Bluetooth turned on?

When you installed Zwift did you allow location services (not sure the exact phrase since I use iOS and PC), if you didn’t I don’t think Zwift will have access to Bluetooth.

Yes, I checked it, the location services is activated.