Zwift does not connect to Wahoo Speed/Cadence sensors

(Jon Nasbur) #1

Set up Zwift a few days ago but have only managed to connect twice after a frustrating 9 hours of trying different methods over 3 days.

My setup is using separate Wahoo RPM Speed and RPM Cadence sensors. Zwift is installed on a Windows PC and the Companion app is installed on an Android phone. Heart rate monitor, speed and cadence sensors are all BLE and Ant+ capable.

After logging in to Zwift and starting the Companion App, the HRM is almost immediately detected and paired. The crank is then turned a few times to get the cadence and speed sensors to wake up. Almost every single time, Zwift detects the cadence sensor for both speed and cadence. The only way to get Zwift to detect the speed sensor is to only spin the wheel without turning the crank so as not to wake the cadence sensor.

In either case, once Zwift has detected one sensor, it will “lock on” to that sensor and not detect the other sensor even after I unpair it from the incorrect pairing. Eg., if the speed sensor is detected by Zwift, it will put the selection in both Speed and Cadence slots. Even if I then unpair the speed sensor from the Cadence slot and then try to only activate the cadence sensor, Zwift will not detect the cadence sensor at all.

As to how I managed to get both sensors to connect properly twice, I have no idea. By some haphazard fluke or chance, it just happened.

The HRM connection is rock solid. It connects instantaneously and stays connected.

The other problem with both speed and cadence pairings is that after roughly 20-30 seconds of non activity, both will show “No Signal” and the Bluetooth connections will show a hazard sign. No amount of turning crank or/and wheel will reconnect the pairings. It seems likely that Zwift has some incompatibility issues with re-detection Wahoo sensors as well as isolating/differentiating between speed and cadence. I say this because when I check with other apps like TrainerRoad, RideWithGPS etc., they all detect and pair with HRM, cadence and speed sensors quickly and with no confusion.

The batteries for both sensors are brand new.

Can anyone help?

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #2

My guess is that the ZCA running on the Android is a little buggy (as reported by many others). I would suggest getting an ANT+ dongle and a USB extension cable to eliminate the need for the ZCA to bridge the BLE signal to the PC. You can find on in the Zwift Shop:

(Sonny ) #3

Most definitely get away from Bluetooth and get an ANT+ dongle and extension cable for your laptop/computer. I have both the Wahoo speed and cadence sensor. While trying to connect them, I tried everything that the forums and support recommended to get them to connect via Bluetooth. Over the course of two weeks not one single time would they connect to Zwift , though they would easily connect to the Wahoo fitness app on my phone. Once I recieved my ANT+ dongle, they connect at the beginning of each session and I have had no further issues in that regard.

(Jon Nasbur) #4

Thanks for the suggestions.

As mentioned, many have reported buggy behaviour with Bluetooth devices under Android (and IOS). As it is, the Companion App desperately needs to be revised and updated with properly working code.

The best UI and graphics cannot make up for sub-par connectivity and Zwift seems to be having a lot of problems with Bluetooth connectivity. In a world increasingly choosing BLE over ANT+ as a near universal standard, going back to ANT+ is a step backwards.

I urge the Zwift developers to address this as a priority issue.

I do have an ANT+ dongle but cannot bring it within working distance even with an USB extension cable whereas the Bluetooth range is perfectly usable.