Are bluetooth cadence sensors available that pair with Zwift and Garmin Edge?

ANT + Dongle and or computer has bitten the dust. I thought about perhaps buying another ANT + dongle, but then found out that Garmin has the HRM-Dual which is both ANT+ and bluetooth. But I haven’t found a cadence sensor that is either bluetooth or dual. Of course it would be nice to to also use the new HRM and cadence IRW with the Garmin Edge. I did find power meters obviosly with cadence, not needed. Anyone been down this wormhole? Thanks.

The Wahoo Blue S/C is duel band: Cycling Cadence & Speed Sensor | Wahoo Fitness

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My HRM and combined Speed/cadence sensors are both dual channel.
I usually use the Ant+ option because with a Windows PC, you can only connect to 1 device with Blue tooth.

I have noticed in the pairing screen my devices have different names for the Bluetooth and Ant+ connection options - Bluetooth speed sensor has a different name from the Ant+ speed sensor. but I get 2 options for my devices.
I think Ant+ tends to be the most stable.

I just bought the cheapest ones on Amazon and have had no problems.
I don’t recommend buying the batteries on Amazon, they are cheap but I got a bunch of bad ones that only lasted 1-2 weeks and would give out in the middle of a work out or race.
Now I just buy Energizer from the local store.

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