Zwift Pairing Issue with My Sensors

 So i have the following equipment…

Garmin Speed Sensor

Garmin Cadence Sensor

Classic - Elite Mag Chrono Trainer


iPAD Air, however, neither of the sensors will pair with the Zwift App when opened via the iPAD. Having read some other threads is this a Bluetooth issue, and i need to buy some bridging equipment? Help please.

Garmin devices only broadcast in Ant+ so you would need something like CABLE to bridge the ANT+ signal to the iPad.


Yes Chris, Garmin products are ANT+ your iPad is Bluetooth. I would look to replace the Garmin with say, Wahoo Bluetooth devices rather than making the setup overly complex.

Ah ok, now i understand. As I am UK based and the CABLE via Amazon doesn’t ship, any other suggestions?

What about pairing Giant Ride Sense ? is this bluetooth, as my other bike is a Giant…The Garmin Sensors are on my winter bike.

Why not just a Wahoo Blue S/C and a Wahoo Tickr since they broadcast in both BLE and ANT+.

I am sure if you looked you would find some place you can have the CABLE shipped to you.

Wahoo Blue SC Speed and Cadence Sensor with BLE and ANT+ - would this not work as well? Same price as CABLE?


Here is a link to it:

And yes it would work.