Sensors not pairing

I’m sure this has been asked before so I apologise!
New to Zwift and having a couple of issues
I have a basic Elite turbo trainer but my speed and cadence sensors are not connecting to Zwift?
They are paired with my Garmin 520 which is connected via Bluetooth (BLE and BT) to my iPad.
Yet Zwift is not picking the sensors up.
What am I doing wrong?

You cannot use the Garmin 520to bridge the signal to Zwift.

What are the make and model of the speed and cadence sensors you are using.

Jusr an FYI, All Garmin sensors are ANT+ so you would need something like CABLE to bridge the signal to an iPad. 

Oh I see. They are both Garmin sensors.

I have an ant+ on my laptop but turns out my laptop does not have up to date graphics so cannot run Zwift hence me trying on the iPad.

So with regards to a cable to send the signal, what type of cable do I need for this?


This is the device I’m talking about: