Garmin gsc10 pair with Zwift app

Trying to get Zwift set up as inexpensively as possible and am using a basic turbo and have dug out my old garmin gsc10 speed and cadence sensors. I know they are working as my garmin fenix picks them up straight away.

I’ve installed the Zwift app on my phone (huawei p30) but it won’t pick them up when trying to pair, any ideas?

My guess is that the sensors are ant+ and your phone can’t receive ant+.

Do you have a PC that you could run Zwift on and attach an ant+ dongle?

Alternatively you’ll need to get some bluetooth sensors that your phone can interact with.

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Hi @simon_jamison

See this thread, ANT+ Heart Rate Monitors

You may need to install the Ant+ services on your phone if it is compatible.

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That’s great, thanks for your help.

Can’t get it working so guessing my phone isn’t compatible. Will see if I can pick up a cheap Bluetooth speed sensor.

did you ever try it on a PC? I was trying it on my Apple TV yesterday and my phone and wouldn’t work…

going to shoot for tomorrow with the ANT stick and my Mac…