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(Leo Vipond) #1

Request for your knowledge.  I hate indoor training but need to at this time of my life.  I am now in my 60’s but used to cycle about 5,000 to 8,000 miles during the non-winter months.  Due to a bicycle injury then a health issue, in my last four years of cycling I have seen my mileage drop a great deal and I have added 50 pounds.  If fact, last year I was only able to cycle 164 miles.  Now cleared by doctor to ride again but need to get onto my bike (indoors) this winter without being bored.   


My indoor trainer is an older (10 years) CycleOps Fluid Trainer.  It appears I can set this up for a basic Zwift ride.  I use a new MacMini along with a HD monitor.  Can I ask a couple of questions about specific setup items?  Or would you have another idea where I could get recommendations for setup equipment. I have looked at a lot of videos but it is getting the right things to work together that I am asking advice for.  Who better than fellow cyclists.


I need some recommendations for setup.  Never used ANT+ Speed Sensor or an ANT+ dongle.  1.  Recommendations for brand of Speed Sensor ANT+.  I have liked Garmin products but open to other ideas, like Wahoo.  Can I use one that is made for iPhones or buy one specifically to be used only with a dongle.  2.  Can both a speed sensor and cadence one be purchased that will provide both pieces of information with Zwift?  3.  It appears that a basic 40 dollar ANT+ dongle from amazon would work.  4.  Can a Garmin ANT+ dongle work with Wahoo.


Thank you for reviewing my request of you.

(Noel Nunkovich *USMES*) #2
  1. Garmin GSC-10 Speed/Cadence sensor. Bullet-proof, easy to install, proven to work. Only problem is the prices are rising since Garmin is phasing them out. Having said that, any ANT+ Speed, cadence, or Speed/Cadence sensor should work fine.
  2. See above. You can use separate speed and cadence sensors, or a combined speed/cadence sensor. What ever you use just needs to be ANT+ at this point in time.
  3. The Garmin USB ANT+ sticks  are known to work well. They are about $40 on Amazon. Keep in mind that it’s best to have the dongle within a few feet of your sensors so if your Mac Mini is more than a few feet away (I’d say more than maybe 5 feet) from your sensors you’ll want to buy a USB extension cable.
  4. Will the ANT+ dongle work with Wahoo what?

Hope this helps!