Newbie Does not know what to buy(Please Help)

(Mark Fletcher) #1

Hello All,

Please could you help me? I really wanna get on zwift but i don’t wanna spend loads doing this.  Would someone be able to put together a budget list i need to buy as i know nothing about cycling…



(Jonathan Blomqvist WBR) #2


Cheapest way to start is a buying zPower Compatible Trainer and ANT+ Speed Sensor. You can find the list of supported trainers here:–Info-What-trainers-does-Zwift-support-What-do-I-need-to-ride-

The blogger DCrainmaker have an guide here:

I have one old Elite Mag speed Elasogel that I used for over 5 years before I upgrade. It works great still today and have never been any problems. You could probally find one very cheap second hand.Cons it get pretty loud over 350W. But around 200-250W it’s almost as quiet as my new Elite turbo Muin. Watt that zwift shows is accurate to my garmin vector. Only problem is short sprint under 15 sec where zwift values are alot lower.

One steep up in price point I would have gone for a Kinetic Road Machine or Tacx Vortex (if you want a smart trainer).


For ANT+ speed/cadence sensor you have plenty of choses. I use garmin GSC 10 and it works good with Zwift but if I would buy a new one I would have gone for a more expensive that supports both ANT+ and Bluetooth smart like Wahoo Blue SC.


You also need an ANT+ stick to you computer. I have both garmin orginal and a noname cheap stick from Ebay. The cheaper one always out preform the orginal garmin. Only cons for the cheaper one is it takes some weeks to get it and it’s bigger.

Hope to see you soon on the island!

(Steve Carville) #3

Got a cheap ANT+  (£9.99).  Works fine.

(Marshall St. Clair) #4

Hi - am in the same boat and need to buy everything but the bike. I just found out about this in my Bicycling magazine and it could qualify as the coolest thing ever and I am anxious to get equipped. I read the above suggestions for smalrt trainers  (Kinetic Road Machine or Tacx Vortex) but the help on the site states that:

Zwift currently works with the following Smart Trainers:

Racermate Computrainer
CycleOps Powerbeam Pro
ANT+ T2780 Tacx Bushido Smart
ANT+ T2180 Vortex Smart

Who is right?




(Jayson Lee) #5