Classic trainer, Powermeter & Watch

Hi all,

This has probably been asked before, but I can’t find the information, and the page on the knowledge section isn’t very useful.

I am wondering what I would need to set up Zwift with my current equipment. I have a bike with

  • A left only 4iiii powermeter,
  • A Blue Matic trainer (so a dumb one),
  • A Fenix 5,
  • MacBook Pro 2013 (with BLE),
  • iPhone SE.

Can the watch serve as a bridge? Or do I have to buy an ANT+ bridge to connect my computer? Or would it be easier to connect my iPhone?

If anyone from Zwift is reading this, please make it easier to figure out what hardwear is needed? Maybe having a section where you ask what equipment the potential user have and tell them what would be needed to use Zwift?

The 4iiii power meter is duel band so if you are using a Mac you can connect directly without the need for a bridge. Just make sure the 4iiii is not connected to any other app or device (this includes your Mac) before starting Zwift. 

I would still suggest getting an Ant+ dongle and a USB extension to get a the dongle as close to the 4iiii as possible and also have a more robust connection.

Just so you know you cannot use the watch to bridge anything to Zwift.

Ok thank you.
And for the heart rate, with the Mac be able to also receive it from the Garmin HR-Tri? 
Is Zwift basically replacing my watch then? If I link my Garmin and my Strava account, the trainings will appear everywhere without using my watch?

The Garmin only broadcast in ANT+ so you would need an ANT+ dongle in your Mac (and again your watch cannot bridge that connection) or you would need something like CABLE to bridge the ANT+ to the Mac.

You can link Garmin and Strava (and others) to Zwift so your rides will automatically upload when you are done.

I run my watch at the same time as a secondary capture, but don’t upload it unless there is an issue with Zwift.

Got it, thank you for the quick answer!

Will try it in the next few days :slight_smile: