Improving accuracy of Power meter with basic trainer

Hi All! At the risk of sounding like I’m whining, any tips on how to improve accuracy of an older Stages Power meter paired with a basic mechanical trainer when using Zwift? It seems my effort often isn’t displayed in my wattage. For instance, I’ll be pedaling at a good pace on relative flat and my avatar might even dismount my virtual bike! (FWIW, I’m new to Zwift but a triathlete for a few years IRL.)

it sounds like you are getting signal drop outs - your avatar will only stop when you are not producing any power (or zwift is not receiving any power data at least)

what set up do you have? pc/apple/android - do you use bluetooth or ant+?

I’m using Apple (MacBook Pro or IPad Pro with Zwift Companion on iPhone. I do get dropouts at times where it shows - - on wattage and other times it just seems the wattage is reading really low. Not all the time, but I’m wondering if there is something to check/change with my trainer? It’s very basic. Thanks for reply btw

Are you using an ANT+ dongle with an extension cable to connect to your Macbook? I find it to be more reliable than using BT with mine.

Hmmm. No just the Bluetooth. It seems maybe less drops on the iPad? I guess it’s not a big deal in any case - just kind of discouraging and makes it tough or impossible to do group rides. Thanks!

I’m recently bought an Elite Novo Smart (wheel on) trainer for £180 in Halfords less 10% British Cycling discount so £162! Also bought an Ant+ dongle and connect the trainer and my Garmin watch HR all to a pc with limited drop out and a great experience. Can’t recommend the trainer enough for the money!

Hmmm thanks! I was hoping to get by with no new equipment, but maybe a small upgrade would make sense!