Accuracy of Elite Novo Smart Trainer on Zwift

Hi guys! I’m pretty new to Zwift (And enjoying every minute of it) and wanted to learn more about the accuracy of my turbo trainer. I’ve got the Elite Novo Smart trainer from Halfords and wanted to know how accurate the power and cadence meters are? I’ve been riding and noticed my cadence is all over the place and the power doesn’t quite related to the mph displayed (well at least that’s how I’m seeing it). My weight is entered correct and wondered if I needed to purchase an additional power/cadence meter or the accuracy provided by the trainer is fine for a newbie like myself. I’m currently using an iPad to run Zwift.
I’ve added a screenshot of my latest ride.

Cheers guys for your help.


Hey mate, having the same issues here. Watts way too high on flats when I’m just riding and I don’t have a power meter to calibrate. It’s why I bought this trainer! Have you had any luck?

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Hi Amy, I’ve started using Zwift on my laptop.
I’ve also bought a USB extension cable and a ANT+ dongle and taped it right on top of the turbo trainer.
I’ve found the cadence and watts to be a lot more accurate this way.

Let me know how you get on.


I also have this problem

I find the cadence measurement goes a bit haywire when spinning out with low resistance. Not so bad when honking up a hill, but you really want a separate cadence sensor.

I don’t have an answer about the power - I think mine is ok, but perhaps I’m deluding myself as to the watts I can put out. OP - are you asking why the speed in zwift differs from (say) your garmin? A common question answered here: