Inaccurate zPower Elite Qubo Fluid + Garmin Sensors

Hello, just wondering if I can fix my zPower (and FTP) with my current setup:

Elite Qubo Fluid (–> Elite Fluid Gray Roller)
Garmin Speed Sensor 2 + Garmin Cadence Sensor 2
Garmin HRM strap

The bike + trainer are properly set up and using other apps (i.e. Rouvy) power reads are quite accurate and close to real-life readings.

On a similar route, 30 minutes ride:

  • Zwift 71 avg cadence, 27 avg km\h, 90W power
  • Rouvy 71 avg cadence, 28.4 km\h, 131W power

So, pedalling at the same cadence result in (almost) the same speed but with a huge difference on power\ftp readings.

Anything I can do to fix?

Thanks in advance

Hi @Navras7

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It all depend on what power curve Zwift and Rouvy use.

A typical power curve look something like this. So the faster the wheel spin the higher the estimated watts.

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Upgrade to a smart trainer or get a power meter. Rouvy and Zwift are just estimating your power/watts and as Gerrie pointed out they could be using two different power curves which explains why your numbers are different. The only way to know which one is close to accurate is to test with a power meter if you can borrow one from a friend or something.

The advent of smart trainers coincided with the rise of virtual riding. Smart trainers measure a rider’s power (and sometimes cadence), broadcast the data wirelessly, and automatically adjust the resistance to match the virtual terrain. By controlling resistance in real-time, smart trainers help make virtual riding feel like outdoor riding.

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Thanks, guys.
Let’s say I’m almost done with my budget for this year so a smart trainer can’t be an option. At the worst zwift still enjoyable even with “meh” power numbers :slight_smile:

Anyhow, is Misuro B+ can be considered a budget power meter or is just a speed sensor? I mean, will it be an upgrade or just a waste of 50 €?

Yeah don’t buy that - just another speed / cadence sensor like your Garmin one.
An actual power meter would be a few hundred pounds / euros, and be either crank based, pedal based, or hub based.
I got some 2nd hand Garmin Vector pedals off of a club mate, was still £220 a while ago.

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