Low power on dumb trainer

Hi everybody,
I am experiencing an issue in the estimated power output calculated by Zwift.

I have an Elite Qubo Fluid “dumb” trainer and I have paired my Wahoo speed and cadence sensor, setting the tire size correctly to 700x23. The trainer I have selected into the game is the “Elite Fluid Gray Roller”, as indicated in this page ( https://support.zwift.com/en_us/pairing-elite-trainers-HJoxNNZer ).

The power estimate shown in Zwift is significantly lower (almost an half) than the one I get from other cycling apps (or estimated by Strava in outdoor activities), resulting in an average power of 55w and an FTP of 65w.

My user profile is correct in terms of weight and regional settings, so I can’t really see what else I could have set up wrong.

Do you have any clues?

Hi @Dallas27

Let’s start with the basic questions see this: Guide to Getting Useful Support?

What other apps have you tried?

Do you have the speed sensor on the wheel and cadence on the crank (it is easy to have them the wrong way )

Also, can you post a picture of your trainer so we can verify you are selecting the correct one.

I am using Zwift on my iPad (iOS 13.4.1) and I use the companion app on the iPhone (iOS 13.4.1). Both are updated to the last version of the respective apps (Zwift 1.0.50775) and Zwift companion 3.14.0).

Other apps I use with no issues are Rouvy and TrainerRoad.

In the attached picture you can see the trainer and can also spot the speed sensor in the top left corner. I confirm that the speed sensor is in the wheel and the cadence is in the crank (I get correct data using them outside Zwift, e.g. on my Garmin/3rd party apps).

This is the setup within the application:

Do you have a comparison of Power numbers at the Speed, cadence and gear between the 3 apps?

With the same gear at 25 km/h:

  • Zwift: 66 watt
  • Rouvy: 121 watt

Can’t compare with TR at the moment cause I have suspended trying to switch to Zwift.

Was there any answer to this as I"be just started on Zwift with same turbo trainer and seem to be also experiencing low power numbers?

Hi @Jonathan_Hale2

Welcome to the forum.

Can you give us some more information Guide to Getting Useful Support

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I have the elite qubo fluid and wahoo cadence and speed sensors. Just wondered if the issue logged above by Riccardo had been resolved as I seem to be experiencing low power output. I’m currently on my 7 day trial of zwift and would be good to see if there was a recommended workaround to make power output higher for this turbo trainer?

Hi Jonathan,
I ended up selecting Elite Fluid Red Roller instead of Elite Fluid Gray Roller in the setup, and the power measures now seem much more in line with other apps.

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Thanks Riccardo. I’ll give that a try later. :biking_man:‍♂

Just tried using Elite red roller. Spot on! :grin: