Elite Qubo Power Fluid Wattage Numbers



My trainer it giving a lower power output with zwift, than with other apps or Elites own power curve.

Link to the trainer at Elite:



It is a petty, cause Zwift is really fun. :slight_smile:

Have you ridden in Zwift yet under “Christian Norlyng”? I looked up your account, but didn’t see any ride data, so I can’t comment further on why you might be seeing low numbers.

While I can’t confirm on your specific setup, here’s some general resources:

  1. Make sure you’ve selected the correct elite trainer from the list.
  2. Check your classic trainer setupagainst our standards for accurate speeds.



I have the same type of trainer and power number that calculates Zwift are pretty low…for example, spinning in real 21 kmph with cadence 90rpm is in TrainerRoad VirtualPower around 195W and in Zwift i think it showed a lot less.


Can you please take a look at it? Thanks a lot.


My issue has disappeared with my change of regional settings. And is now back to normal with the speed sensor. I figured this out because my power number was around 40% less than the power curve suggested.

My regional setting are now set to my local match :slight_smile:

Now my FTP is calculated to 300Watts. I do not expect me to be 40% higher than that during the winter at least :wink:



Change of regional settings? Whats the correlation between regional setting in Zwift and power calculations of Zwift? :slight_smile: I´m from Slovakia and I setted it in Zwift as well.


FTP 300W is pretty good! :slight_smile:

I would assume it could be related to ‘,’ and ‘.’ in floating numbers. But hos that is used in Zwift I do not know.

I changed from US regional settings to Danish. And to problem have disappeared.

Hi there,

I don’t suppose there is any more information on this?  I’m using the Wahoo Blue SC for Speed and Cadence and the Elite Qubo Power Fluid for turbo trainer.

If I sprint I’m able to get the max wattage up quite high, but the general wattage as I cycle along it really slow despite some considerable effort.  It’s quite frustrating being overtaken continuously despite some effort put in.  My weight and age are inputted correctly and I believe I have it set up for UK (although prefer Km/H).

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Hello Nick,


I see there are more guys that have the same problem. Yes you are right, going into sprint I can easily manage to get 800W (that is nearly imposibble on TrainerRoad wattage curve) and when I feel Im going somewhere around 250W, Zwift is showing something around 190-200W. Thats pretty sad and confusing too. Therefore I went back to TR trainings and wattage numbers.

Hope it wont demotivate you to prepare for comming season :slight_smile:

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Hi i have the same type of trainer and is hard pass 200w some minuts. Next time i’m going to change the regional settings (y use “.” for decimals actually).

And i chose “Elite Fluid Red” as trainer. It is correct?


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Hi,  I have the opposite issue, and think this is due to the curve used by Zwift to convert speed to power. Speed to power from other applications or published curves for the Elite Qubo Power Fluid:

Speed of 30 km/h = ~325 W
Speed of 42 km/h = ~600 W

Powercurve sensor
Speed of 30 km/h = ~350 W
Speed of 42 km/h = ~800 W

Speed of 30 km/h = 304 W
Speed of 42 km/h = 656 W

Speed of 30 km/h = 384 W
Speed of 42 km/h = 968 W

That leaves a considerable amount of variation from the mathematical function used to convert speed to power.
Speed of 30 km/h = 304 to 384 W
Speed of 42 km/h = 600 to 968 W

Are the curves published by Maurizio Gigliotti (in the Zwift link above) really what is implemented?  On which calibration did Zwift base these? The higher wattages on Zwift compared to Trainnerroad matches what I have tested using both applications simultaneously, so I would be surprised if these are not accurate.

To add my two cents - I compared the Zwift virtual power from Elite qubo fluid with Power2max powermeter readings and it seems to me, that the power curve is pretty dynamic due to lower friction when the fluid heats up:

I just bought this trainer and the wattage seems to be off for me too.

I did a performance diagnostics in a lab a couple weeks back, and I should have an FTP around 215W (with a HR of about 165bpm), yet when using Zwift and had a 5m interval holding 204W my HR was above 180bpm. 

I checked for a flat section in Zwift (about 2m):

avg speed 36.3kph, avg power 194W, avg HR 181. 

According to Elite’s power curve for this trainer 35kph should equal about 350-400W.

I can’t find any regional settings that the commenters before me mentioned. Where should that be?

My ultimate solution was to connect my power meter to Zwift instead of the fluid trainer related guess game.