ZPower on a non supported trainer

New to Zwift and I love it so far. Dropping the cash even on a used smart trainer isn’t an option right now so I’m trying to make my current equipment work accurately. I’m not expecting to get a direct answer here but I’ve been doing a lot of trial and error to find an accurate zPower in game. The only reference to my actually power output I have is the spin class trainers at a gym. My FTP is roughly 170w with about 700w being my max in a sprint.

I’m riding a road bike with 700x25c on an Elite Qubo fluid trainer and I’m using a Garmin speed/cadence sensor on my bike. The unsupported trainer is WAY to hard and all of the supported Elite fluid trainers I could probably get an FTP of 400+ if I really went for it. I’m going to start trying trainers from other manufactures and different tire selections but its all trial and error. Is there anyone using the Qubo trainer who found an accurate setup or is there another way to get a more accurate zPower in game?

It seems like one good way around this is to allow us to adjust the settings on the unsupported trainer. Then I could “calibrate” it myself and get a more accurate in game power. I’m already cheating with huge zPower numbers just by using other supported trainers so its not like that would change if I could adjust the unsupported one myself.

This is a good place to start.

You can see if you can find a similar supported trainer on there and use it.

BUT: If I look at supported trainers I do see the Elite Qubo Fluid. https://zwift.com/hardware#ready

Thanks! Not at home right now so I’ll need to check later. If I remember correctly I am using the listed Qubo fluid trainer which is what I’ve been getting crazy high power outputs with. I thought I tried all three of the supported Elite fluid trainers with similar results. I’ll give an update later.