My rider won’t move on Zwift!

Evening! I used my kickr core smart trainer 2 days ago & everything was working perfectly. I purchased the trainer in October & experiences no issues whatsoever. However I tried to use it tonight & logged in to Zwift as usual & everything was connected as usual however the rider would not move when pedalling. The watts & rpm were not responding. The screen looked no different than usual. It would not even register me pedalling when I tried to do a spin down. I have not changed anything since my last ride when it was working. I have been on the support forums & tried everything possible. Disconnecting, repairing etc etc however the rider will still not move when pedalling. I use the laptop for Zwift. As this wasn’t working I tried to use my iPhone but exactly the same thing was happening

Please help!!!

Tell us more about the system, are you using an ANT+ usb dongle?

This is odd because you mention the rider in zwift, but then mention the spindown. the spindown is in the Wahoo app. You do not want to be connected to Zwift when you are doing the spindown. I would shut the computer down, off, completely off. Then try to spindown with the wahoo app. MAke sure the wahoo app is seeing the trainer. That’s the place to start. If the waho app is not seeing the kickr, unpair it from the wahoo app, unpair it from the ios settings, then unplug the kickr and hard rest the phone (power all the way down and back up). Then turn on the kickr. Go through the pairing in the wahoo app and try the spindown. If the phone is still not seeing the kickr, it’s time to contact wahoo.

Thank you! Just to clarify Zwift rider wouldn’t move as soon as I logged on to do a ride, it was showing as being connected to my laptop using the dongle but my rider just wouldn’t move. I tried to use the Zwift app on my phone but the same thing was happening!

@shooj might be able to help…

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When you are in the paring screen see if you see power/speed and RPM numbers while pedaling. If you do then it show that all your sensors are working.
If your avatar is still not moving then it can be that you have reached the end of your trail period or 25km distance limit.

Thank you, I hope so

Thanks Gerrie but I subscribe to Zwift every month paying a monthly subscription fee

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I just saw that, after looking at your profile.

Check the paring screen.

I will do thank you.

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Any suggestions if I don’t see the rpm etc numbers moving

I would start by looking at your ant+ or bluetooth dongle, try a different usb port.

Hi @Hutchy2109 welcome to Zwift forums! Shuji at ZwiftHQ here. How do you like our supportive community of Zwifters?

These are some basic causes you can double-check when the avatar doesn’t move. Fundamentally, the trainer’s signal isn’t reaching the computer running the Zwift game app, so we now have to figure out the specific pathway that’s at fault.

There was a game update that went out last week and I looked through your session logs on our server further back than that. You’ve had successful sessions after the version update, so I don’t think your problems are related to the game update.

On yesterday’s first session (Feb 11 17:18 - 17:25 UTC) it looks like you logged in, paired the Kickr and the Tickr heart rater monitor successfully, but on our end, we recorded zero km ridden. Then it looks like you went to troubleshoot with an iPhone11.

Because it’s happening on two devices, I suspect you might have localized interference on the ANT+ and/or Bluetooth radio frequencies. You can verify or disprove this by uploading the log file on your Windows machine to It will read the log file and tell you what’s going on with ANT+ performance. Here are instructions on where to find your log files. Would you let us know the results?

To improve the ANT+ situation, Zwift Insider has some tips to reduce ANT+ interference.

Lastly I don’t want to overlook a super basic question: do you reboot the Windows machine regularly, or does it stay on 24/7? Some flaky game performance issues can be cleared up by rebooting before running the game app.


Top work from the ShoojMeister


Thank you so much shooj, I will give all that a try when I get home from work, it’s definitely somewhere for me to start to try & fix the problem.

I always shut my laptop down completely after every single session.

Thanks for the advise, I will b in touch again soon

Hie am a paying customer. My zwift crashed mid ride recently. Today rider wont move. All sensors dongle ant + works

Hi @Emily_C, can you give us more information to try and help you out? Please see this post and then let us know all about your setup.
Guide to Getting Useful Support


There’s no other details and my problems are as the other riders on forums across the globe
I have since uninstalled everything and reinstalled and unpaired and repaires took over 2 hours for it to function

We would need a lot more info to even begin to assist you.

Please give a complete rundown of your setup.

Very few Zwift users are having any issues.


Hi @Emily_C welcome to Zwift forums.

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. I’m able to see some of the details that our community is asking you for. FYI - these are very experienced members who can help you, but only if you provide them with the information we need.

I’m seeing your setup changed on June 17. A Bryton Cadence sensor was connected for the first time, is that correct?

Is your Bryton this cadence sensor that’s meant to attach to your crank arm?
Is it this Bryton speed sensor that attaches to the hub of your rear wheel?

On the server logs, the Bryton cadence sensor is paired as the speed sensor. That’s not going to generate speed data, which in turn might explain why your avatar does not move.

Please verify which sensor you have so we can help figure this out. Thanks.


I started having issues as well a few days ago.
Need help.
Some data:
I use iPhone and a speed sensor 2 (garmin) vía bluetooth.
The sensor connects but does not share data.
I am subscribed to Zwift.
It was working well before.
The sensor started to catch speed and cadence in zwift by itself, but I only have the speed sensor. So it’s like sharing one sensor for 2 measures.
I have not been enjoying zwift since I can not use it.
Help please.