Rider Won't Move - Watts Won't Show up, yet sensor is paired

Not sure what is causing this issue.

On my iPhone 8, the speed sensor I have which is a Bontreger Interchange 238, paired with my Road Machine Classic Trainer the sensor is paired up, the correct trainer is selected.

When I attempt to load and start zwift, my rider doesn’t move & also my watts on screen (iPhone app or I also tried my wife’s Macbook Air… neither will show my rider moving.

I’m connected via ant+ I believe but possibly over Bluetooth.

Both iOS app & desktop application on the MacBook Air are updated.

Is this sensor too old to register? Seems like my entire Zwift set up from 3-4 years ago is now outdated…

That paring screen only show Bluetooth available.

Make sure that your sensor is not connected to any other device or app before opening Zwift.

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In the pairing screen you showed I am seeing the trainer paired as the speed sensor, and the speed sensor paired as the cadence. If the Bontrager Interchange 238 is your speed sensor it should be paired as the speed sensor.

@Jeffrey_Bauer & @Paul_Allen I wonder how or why that might have happened?

When I try to pair just the sensor; the sensor shows up as the trainer name (road machine)

Even thought I click on the sensor 1st then it asks me to select the trainer.

It’s like it wont allow me to pair the sensor as a sensor and it’s automatically putting my trainer selection in the wrong field.


I went through the pairing you sensor help video on Zwift’s Youtube.

And it does the same thing there as it’s doing for me…

Under the Speed Sensor; it’s showing “Booster” and the Booster is his “classic trainer” and the Speed Sensor is the Bryton which he selects and that shows up under his Cadence Sensor.

Only thing that is different is that he has a Heart Rate Monitor as well paired. I have a new battery in it as well. The magnets on the cadence band & speed wheel sensor seem to communicating with the Bluetooth receiver.

My Bontrager Interchange Digital Combo Sensor does flicker “green” which indicates it’s paired.

But my Rider/Wattage still will not appear on either the iOS app or the Macbook Air Game.