Paired, but not moving!

Hi all, I am new to Zwift, and recently downloaded the App to my iPhone X. I use a Garmin Speed Sensor 2 with a standard Velo TT.

The sensor connected to Zwift instantly, and all looked good to go, but regardless of what I tried i can’t get my bike to move!

I have reset, re-paired and reinstalled everything, but still no movement for my bike on Zwift.

Please see the attached picture. Any guidance to help get me moving would be amazing.

Thanks, Darren

Hi @Darren_Jones2, welcome to the forums!

What type of trainer are you using? When in the pairing screen are you choosing speed to search for your Garmin sensor 2? Make sure nothing else is trying to grab that signal like your phone or a bike computer.

I’m not familiar with that, is it the tire?

Thanks Mike. It’s a regular Velo turbo trainer with a resistance control on the handle bars.

The Garmin Speed Sensor 2 is on the wheel hun and works fine with my Garmin watch.

I’ll try turning the watch off before pairing the sensor with Zwift App

You may have revealed the issue. Bluetooth can only connect to one device so if your trainer is pairing to you your watch then Zwift can’t grab it. Make sure your BT on your watch is off or if there is a way then unpair it while you’re Zwifting.

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I’ll give it a go, many thanks

Still no success unfortunately. All other Bluetooth devices off or removed and the Garmin SS2 will still not connect to Zwift.

It shows as paired and connected, but says NO SIGNAL!