Cadence and speed sensor contacted but I don’t move

Cadence and speed sensor connect but I don’t have a heart rate app, but I still can’t ride even though I can see my cadence working. For me to ride do I need to get a heart monitor too???

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Please tell us more (ok, everything) about your setup. Cadence isn’t going to make a difference, though.


The funny thing is last winter when I last used this configuration it worked fine.

Ya, we would need more info than that.

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Zwift hasn’t changed anything, all you need is a properly installed, working speed sensor that is connected to whatever device you use for Zwift. Make sure your speed sensor works, check the battery perhaps since its been a while since you used it.

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You don’t need a heart rate monitor to ride so as suggested check your speed sensor.

I have 2 cadences a wahoo and Garmin both fresh new batteries my Zwift Detects them , rpms are visible but no movement. I’ve attached a pic of my screen

You need a speed sensor, not cadence.

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But both are connected cadence and speed sensor as one can see from my pic

What kind of speed sensor is it, does it have a magnet on the spoke of a wheel, or does it attach to the hub?

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It gives me the option to select non listed model it doesn’t have a active sensor it’s a standard trainer. As I mentioned it worked fine before. Nothing has changed from what I’ve been using since I first started riding last winter.

Zwift isn’t receiving any data to say that you’re moving from your speed sensor.

I’m not not clear if you’re saying that sensor is built into your bike/trainer, but that’s where the problem is. It might have worked fine before but sensors can fail, need a new battery, etc, etc.

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The trainer doesn’t have a sensor never did. It’s just a basic Tac trainer, I suspect zwift has changed something from before.

Make sure the speed sensor is set to the speed option (if it is a dual speed and cadence sensor)

Check that the magnet is close to the sensor.

The speed (mph) value should show your speed in the pairing screen when you pedal.

Unpair the speed sensor start pedaling and repair.