Wahoo Cadence Sensor Issues - Do I also need a speed Sensor???

(Chris Urmston) #1

Hello all,

First off apologies for what I assume is a really basic question!

I have recently invested in a setup to run Zwift which looks like this:

-Cycleops Mag Trainer

-Wahoo Cadence Sensor Bluetooth http://www.wiggle.co.uk/wahoo-rpm-cadence-sensor-bluetooth-40-and-ant/ 

-Mac Pro and Andriod smartphone with Zwift app running

I’m running everything via Bluetooth. Now I’m getting a RPM count but no speed which means in-game my character isn’t moving off the start line. I’m assuming this is because I only have a cadence sensor. I was wondering if somebody could confirm this before I go about returning the sensor and switching for something like this:



Many thanks all!



(Paul Allen) #2

Yes, you will need a speed sensor so Zwift will be able to calculate the in-game speed.

(Chris Urmston) #3

Thought so, thanks for clarifying Paul!