Hello everyone,

I want to start Zwifting but I have one question before I start buying everything…

Do you need a speed AND cadence sensor to play Zwift or is a speed sensor enough on its own?


I hope someone can help :slight_smile:

The speed sensor I want to buy:

It is depending of your home trainer. If smart trainer , no need

Cadence is not required.

Speed is required if your trainer does not report power.

Ik have a Tacx Blue motion, so no smart trainer. Does this meander I do need cadance?

No with that trainer you don’t need cadence (I don’t know if the Avatar’s legs will move without a cadence sensor but that is just a visual thing.). My personal opinion is I would get a sensor that has speed and cadence as you may later want to see your cadence. 

yes, you need speed and cadence sensor see

I am a little confused with all thema different answers but I Think i will take a speed and cadence sensor. Does anyone know any cheap andere good ones? Under €50?

I use one of these on my bike:


It has been working well sins January. 



Thanks a lot everyone!