New to the cycling world

Hi guys,

I’m brand new to the cycle world, I’ve joined to try and lose some (lock down timber). I’ve bought a cycleops turbo trainer and a garmin speed/cadence sensor 2.

My question is do I need anything else to start using zwift?

Thanks in advance Nik

Hi Nik,
welcome to Zwift and you don’t probably need anything else to get going but Zwift works much much better with a smart trainer. It just won’t be the same experience without one. If it is possible and affordable I would take the cycleops back and get a smart trainer. Every review I have seen on this says exactly that.

It helps to have two devices: one for running the Zwift app (tablet, PC, Mac, Apple TV) and one for running the Companion app (usually a smart phone). You can do without the Companion app if necessary.

You will need a fan or three, aimed at yourself.

Have the same question as yours and got great answers, thanks!

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