My Rider Won't Move

I just started the trial (it is for sure started because I used my iTunes account). I paired my Wahoo cadence sensor and am using an elite qubo fluid trainer. When I load a ride on my iphone or macbook air the rider just sits there. Other riders pass me and my RPM’s are displayed, but nothing happens with my rider. I’ve searched all over and can’t find a solution.

Zwift uses your bike’s speed to calculate wattage, which in turn is used to determine in-game speed. Cadence is just a metric which does nothing toward in-game speed. Do you have a speed sensor that you can pair to Zwift?

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I don’t currently have a speed sensor. After reading through forums I thought I only needed cadence. Can I use a wahoo attachable speed sensor or do I need one of those expensive ones?

The wahoo speed sensor that looks like the cadence sensor would work.

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I appreciate it Aaron. Would I get the best data if I use both or should I just do the speed sensor?

You only need the speed sensor to get your guy to move. You didn’t say, so I assumed, that you don’t have a power meter on your bike. That would give you the best data, but the speed sensor will get you going. Cadence isn’t really used for anything except that some workouts include cadence targets, but they are optional… you can still do the workouts without cadence.

Once you get into riding on Zwift you will probably want to start tracking both cadence and heart rate, but neither are necessary to get going.

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Thanks Aaron! You’re the best! I just ordered a speed sensor and once I get more into it I will add the heart rate monitor into the mix.

Be well!

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