Rider not moving Halfords speed and cadence sensor

Hi I have a swift setup at home with a dump trainer, a speed and cadence sensor from Halfords …when I use my phone my speed and cadence get connected along with my Apple Watch for heart rate. When I ride it’s showing me rpm but my rider is not moving. And also it shows 0 W . Can you help

Is it installed correctly? Most speed sensors have a magnet that attaches to the spoke of the wheel, if yours has this make sure it is lining up correctly and is close enough to the sensor to read it.

Thanks Mike for replying. The sensor I bought is right now tied on to my paddle. Should I be putting it on the back tire?

How did you select your trainer on the pairing screen? I don’t have a dumb trainer, but my understanding is that you have to select it somewhere on the pairing screen so that Zwift knows what power curve to apply.

Uhhh, that doesn’t sound right. What sensor did you buy, brand and model number?

This one

I dont know. How do I do that?

I think you need a speed sensor, not a cadence sensor. I don’t know if this one can function as a speed sensor. Basically, with a dumb trainer Zwift will need to know your speed (wheel rotations) not your cadence (pedal rotations) in order for your avatar to move.

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That’s definitely only a cadence sensor, not a combined speed and cadence sensor. So as Nigel said, it’s not going to work for moving your avatar.

If you went into Halfords then maybe there was a misunderstanding and they’ve sold you the wrong thing. If so, take it back.

You need either a speed sensor, or a combined speed/cadence sensor.