speed sensing? confused...

Hi all - 

a very newbie question im sure.

i have a dumb trainer… duotrap for speed and cadence.

however i cant work out how to get moving in zwift!

cadence picks up fine, no speed. should it? (im assuming so).

assume it doesnt rely on the garmin head unit, just the bike sensors itself? (i dont have the head unit with me)

thanks in advance,


Did you pair through the Speed selection and choose a trainer? If you don’t have a compatible trainer on the list, you can pick the “Not Listed” trainer option to ride.

You’re correct in assuming that you don’t need the Garmin head unit; Zwift should just pair with the speed/cadence sensor.

yes - even whilst selecting it shows 0mph even if pedalling. cadence works fine and ive never had any issues with the speed sensor on my garmin head unit.

any other ideas?

I’m opening a support ticket from this so we can work with you in further detail. Watch your email for more troubleshooting suggestions. :slight_smile:

I’m having the same exact issue…I cannot get it to work for the life of me. Any ideas?


We would need to know more about your setup to assist you.

PC, Mac, iOS?

What S/C?

Smart trainer or dumb?

Ant+ or BLE?

The more info the better.

I’m hooked up to a mac with the ant dongle…I have the duotrap ant+ in my frame and Garmin 520 head unit on my bike. I’m using rollers (I did select unlisted rollers). I have a ticket open and I submitted a bunch of info…screen shots etc ticket 60585, but just wanted to get up and running. Was seeing what info I could find as everything is pairing but my speed isn’t doing anything and character won’t move.

Has this been resolved?

I am having the same issue - Any resolution?

Hello, I’m having same trouble, I have bought a Wahoo Speed and cadence sensor using a dumb trainer, my PC has paired to the sensors, when i spin the wheel both are recognised but I dont move in the game, no speed is registered, I also downloaded the Zwift mobile App for my Android Samsung S8 I’m only using bluetooth, no ANT im afraid


Can you explain what you mean by “my PC has paired to the sensors”.

You should not have the sensors paired to anything before starting the Zwift app and the Zwift Mobile Link. Bluetooth can only connect to one device or app at a time. You will be using the Zwift Mobile Link to bridge the Bluetooth signal to the Zwift app running on your PC so both need to be on the same network.

If possible can you post a pic of your pairing screen.