How to Pair my devices?

I have a log in but I don’t see any option to pair my devices? I can log in but there is no step #5 Pair you device option. Can anyone point me to the screen I need to get too. 


Hi David,

Are you trying to do this by logging in to the website ( or are you logging in to the Zwift application we installed on your computer?

Which one should I use?

I am having the same problem trying to pair my devices… I do not know how to get to the pairing screen



This might help:


Do you find how to pair?

I Use my computer and the Bluetooth HRM and Speed and cadence.

I have Zwift app on Iphone 5S, working by wifi with my computer

With Trainerroad 100%

but with Zwift, can’t paired.

The last month it was 100% pairing

Someone can help me???

I’m not happy, because I pay and I can’t use it!

Do I need Ant+?

last month, I used only iphone 5S, with Zwift app. + my Bluetooth device + my computer.


I’ve just downloaded Zwift onto my pc. Created an account but it doesn’t go to the pair devices screen.


Are you sure it didn’t minimize?

What screen are you seeing?

What are the specs of your PC?


I have it open at the moment. It’s just scrolling through screens that give info

It’s a windows pc running windows 7 pro

It’s a windows pc running windows 7 pro


Those are the loading screens before the pairing screen comes up.

Need more info on your computer specs.

Windows 7 pro 64 or 32

How much memory?


Video Card?

Is the PC fully updated?

Does your computer meet the minimum requirements:

I’m trying to see what specs

As far as I know, it meets the minimum specs that was specified on your site

I found that my video card did not meet the minimum specs and it caused the install to fail. Once i replaced hardware, it all worked beautifully.

Ok, it’s windows 7pro, 64 bit, Intel Pentium 4 cpu 3.00GHz, 2.5gb memory.

My video card is a NVIDIA GEFORCE 7600 GS

Minimum requirements for memory is 4GB and you only have 2.5GB so that might be why it is taking along time to load or not load at all.

And the video card is below specs also.