PC Connection Issues

Since the Server issues the other week, I have only been able to have my PC see the paired devices once with the mobile app from ios device… I have been having to use the app on my iPhone which pairs just fine. But if I login using the PC and have the mobile app running on iPhone, nothing pairs. This all worked flawlessly prior to the server side issues at Zwift.

Both devices on same Wireless network. Process used: Launch mobile app on Phone, Login to Zwift on laptop (Which takes a while but gets there). Then wait for pairing. This process has worked flawlessly for months up until two weeks ago. (No PC updates have run. I have checked the ports on router.)

Using Phone only with full Zwift App, I get immediate login and pairing. But then I get to stare at a 5 inch screen for two hours. (Note: the Phone uses the same wireless network as PC, so not a router issue)

PC Windows 7 - Dell E7450 - 8Gb RAM - i7 Proc

Trainer - Cycleops Magnus

Heart rate - Wahoo Tickr  


Help much appreciated.

Do you have Bluetooth turned on within the ZML under settings>sensors?