Getting laptop to integrate with iphone/Zwift

(T. Franco - Old and N. Pain D 4999) #1


I am new to Zwift and have been able to get my iphone with Bluetooth working with the my rock/roll trainer. I rode a segment today and loved Zwift.


But I’d read where you can have the phone be a pass through to Zwift on my laptop and although I can log in, I cannot get the connect between my iphone and my laptop to work. I can log in to the Zwift application on my computer but once I get to the paired devices screen, I’m kind of stuck.

So now I’m stuck using the small screen on my iPhone until I can get this figured out or hopefully you all can help?

Thanks in advance for any help.

(Paul Allen) #2

The phone and the computer need to be on the same Wifi network. Do not connect the phone and PC using Bluetooth. Also, make sure on your phone you are using the Zwift Mobile App and not the Zwift for iOS app to bridge the Bluetooth connection to your PC.

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Paul Allen. Thank you. That was very helpful. Dumb question then - when you say use the “Zwift Mobile App” and not the “Zwift for iOS”, do you mean use “Zwift Mobile Link” as it is called in the App Store?

If so, will it then show up as a Paired Device?

Thank you again !!

(Paul Allen) #4

Yep, the Zwift Mobile Link is what you are looking for. It will allow you to bridge your Bluetooth from your phone to your PC along with many other useful features. 

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Paul, you rock !! Got it working this morning. SO grateful.

This could get addictive !!!

(Paul Allen) #6

GLad to help.

Ride On!